Black Friday Special – Hiram & Solomon Fez Humidor with 20 Shriner Toro Cigars and Cigar Carrier


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Out of stock

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Don’t be fooled by other vendors showing the old fez out of stock, we are the only vendor with the new fez humidor.

Black Friday Special, get the Fez Humidor with 20 Shriner Toro Cigars and a H&S Cigar Carrier for a sale price while supplies last!

Brand new, in stock the Hiram and Solomon Fez Humidor.  Comes with 20 Hiram and Solomon Shriner Toro Cigars.  Designed to have a Boveda pack added.  This is the second version from the wooden version created a few years ago.  Proudly display your cigars in this Fez box.

Additional Information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions9 × 9 × 11 in