Hiram & Solomon Cigars for Warriors – Live 2 Serve – Toro 52 x 6 – Pack of 4


3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)



Medium to medium plus cigar with a rich dark chocolate that starts the parade, followed by a fragrant floral element, slightly nutty, malt, salted caramel, cedar. An impressive depth occurs stemming from a richness that cradles the palate in gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Live 2 Serve

A statement from
Storm Boen
Chair/ CEO Op: CFW; 501(c)3
President CATS LLC
Chairman C.A.T.S. Society 501(c)7
Army 1SGT (RET)

When Romy & Fouad first approached CFW about this project, we asked them why, Especially when you consider all the great charities that the Masonic organizations support?

The first thing they told us that what caught their attention was CFW’s mission and how ethically and passionately all the volunteers discharged their responsibilities to the charity.

Additionally, when they read posts and letters from the troops thanking CFW for their packages, it really drew them into wanting to be part of the mission.

It really touched them when visiting with veterans they learned how much a great cigar means to the troops while they are deployed, . Fouad continued to say “the most important reason is when he and Romy would think about how our troops were risking their lives to protect them and all Americans and their rights, and thinking about what our troops went through, made them feel ashamed that it wasn’t more that they could do.

This was the birth of Live 2 Serve where part of the proceeds will be donated back to the cause.


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